Order Your Certified Translation Service From Different Languages

Certified translation service with on-line ordering and free mail delivery across Canada.

Our experienced translators are able to perform high quality expedited translation jobs in many languages. The most in-demand are translation from English to French and French to English translation, English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation, translation from Italian to English and English to Italian translation, Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation, translation from Russian to English and English to Russian translation, translation from Arabic to English and English to Arabic. The scope of our jobs is wide and includes but not limited to: Birth Certificate Translation, Change of Name Certificate Translation, Marriage Certificate Translation, Marriage Licence Translation, Divorce Judgment and Divorce Certificate Translation, Death Certificate Translation, Passport Stamps Translation, Passport Translation, Diploma and Diploma Transcript Translation, Power of Attorney Translation, Wills Translation, Police Clearance Certificates Translation, Immigration Documents Translation, Contract Translation, Quality Certificate Translation, Packaging and Marketing Materials Translation, Booklets Translation.

All translation jobs are accompanied by notary certification which makes them eligible to get authentication by DFAIT and accepted by most government offices. If required translation can be done by ATIO certified translators as well.

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Our Translation services are available in the following languages:
  1. AAfrikaansArabicArmenianAzerbaijani
  2. BBelorussianBosnianBulgarian
  3. CCatalanChineseCroatianCzech
  4. DDannishDariDutch
  5. EEnglishEstonian
  6. FFarsiFinnishFrench
  7. GGeorgianGermanGreekGujrati
  8. HHebrewHindiHungarian
  9. IIndonesianItalian
  10. JJapanese
  11. KKazakhKoreanKyrdishKyrgyz
  12. LLaoLatvianLithuanian
  13. MMalayMacedonianMalaysianMoldovanMongolian
  14. NNorwegian
  15. PPashtoPolishPortuguese
  16. RRomanianRussian
  17. SSerbianSlovakSlovenianSpanishSwedish
  18. TTajikThaiTurkishTurkmen
  19. UUkrainianUrduUzbek
  20. VVietnamese
  21. YYiddish

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