Immigration Documents Translation Service

We are an online and physical translation service that has quickly become one of Canada's largest certified translation services. We are experts in quick, high quality certified translation in most popular languages. We offer 24/7 support online through our website should the need arise.

We can translate all types of immigration documents, death certificates, marriage certificates, and anywhere in between. Above and beyond the standard needs. Our team will be sure to help you take care of any need.

Who We Serve

Our customers are mainly Canadian residents or foreigners looking to immigrate (or have work visas, diplomas, etc.) that will need their immigration file documentation translated from foreign language into French and/or English for Canadian immigration authorities.

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Why Choose Us for Immigration Documents Translation

If you find yourself in either of these scenarios or anywhere in between, as well as any language in between, you can turn to us to help. We are completely confidential and try to keep things moving as quickly as possible. We understand how important these documents really are to you. If you are still unsure we offer free quotes for the exact services you need.

As an industry leader in the provision of translation for Canadian immigration services, we are not limited to the two official languages of Canada. And we do not discriminate against any language or person. We cover a vast array of customers and continue to grow our base and services. All of our documents are able to be used in any department of government services such as The Department of Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Department of Global-Affairs, and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. All of our documents can be notarized and commissioned by certified translators.

We also like to add that our rates are far better, and a step above all of our competitors. One of the things you will notice we offer as a service is our ability to send your documents, once completed, anywhere in the country free of charge.

How We Can Help With Translation of Your Immigration Documents

Once you have decided to take the leap to get your documents translated for Canadian immigration with us, Translate Canada, notice we have a great setup right here on our website to get literally everything you need to be taken care of. It is an all-inclusive online service. Also, our four offices are in Toronto, Ottawa, Markham and Vancouver, if you prefer a more face-to-face experience. You can start by visiting our homepage and getting a quick free quote, or scroll down to find your service. Once you have done that, you will fill out the form with your name, your email address, and the languages you need to be translated. Such as English to Japanese. Once you have filled out these three easy sections you need to produce an image of your documents. This can be done either by scanning, (you can do this at your home, local library, etc) or simply taking a photo of your documents, clearly and preferably in natural sunlight. Then just upload this image to the "Browse" box. After this we literally just need you to prove you are, in fact, a person and not a robot and click "Get Free Quote Now!" and you are done! If you should happen to need to contact us, again we have a live chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on our site that is always available for help. If you would like to call us you can reach us at 1-866-334-0811. You can also reach us by email at info @ Again thank you for choosing Translate Canada to help you on your next journey!

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Immigration Documents Languages We Translate

Amharic Immigration DocumentsArabic Immigration DocumentsArmenian Immigration DocumentsAzerbaijani Immigration Documents
Belorussian Immigration DocumentsBulgarian Immigration DocumentsChinese Immigration DocumentsCroatian Immigration Documents
Czech Immigration DocumentsDannish Immigration DocumentsDari Immigration DocumentsDutch Immigration Documents
English Immigration DocumentsEstonian Immigration DocumentsFarsi Immigration DocumentsFinnish Immigration Documents
French Immigration DocumentsGeorgian Immigration DocumentsGerman Immigration DocumentsGreek Immigration Documents
Gujrati Immigration DocumentsHebrew Immigration DocumentsHindi Immigration DocumentsHungarian Immigration Documents
Indonesian Immigration DocumentsItakian Immigration DocumentsJapanese Immigration DocumentsKazakh Immigration Documents
Korean Immigration DocumentsLatvian Immigration DocumentsLithuanian Immigration DocumentsMacedonian Immigration Documents
Malaysian Immigration DocumentsMoldovan Immigration DocumentsMongolian Immigration DocumentsNorwegian Immigration Documents
Polish Immigration DocumentsPortuguese Immigration DocumentsRomanian Immigration DocumentsRussian Immigration Documents
Serbian Immigration DocumentsSlovak Immigration DocumentsSlovenian Immigration DocumentsSpanish Immigration Documents
Tajik Immigration DocumentsThai Immigration DocumentsTurkish Immigration DocumentsTurkmen Immigration Documents
Ukrainian Immigration DocumentsUrdu Immigration DocumentsUzbek Immigration DocumentsVietnamese Immigration Documents