Translatecanada.com expedited certified Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services can serve clients in major Canadian cities, like Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Markham, Kingston, Montreal, Oakville, Ottawa, Quebec, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg etc. You may visit our offices in Toronto, Markham, Ottawa or Vancouver or do everything on-line. Our experienced Chinese - English and English - Chinese translators provide outstanding translation with ATIO certification or without it. The variety of Chinese translation jobs that we do is wide and includes but not limited to birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, passport stamps for Canada immigration, powers of attorney, diplomas, contracts, police clearance certificates, immigration documents, etc. We also do legalization of Canadian documents to be used in China. The translated documents are sent to clients by Canada Post regular mail free of charge!

Translatecanada.com 现向加拿大各大城市提供中英互译的加急认证服务,城市包括多伦多,密西沙加,哈密尔顿,伯灵顿,万锦,金士顿,蒙特利尔,奥科威尔,渥太华,以及魁北,卡尔加里,埃德蒙顿,哈利法克斯,萨斯卡通,温哥华,温尼伯等等。本公司的翻译人员拥有非常丰富的中英互译经验,并有人持有AITO证书。我们的翻译服务项目包括:出生公证,结婚公证,离婚公证,护照印章,授权书,学位认证,合同,无犯罪记录证明,移民材料,等。翻译完成的文件将会由本公司从加拿大邮局免费寄给我们的客户!

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Chinese Translation Service FAQ

Q: What is the Chinese to English translation rate?
A: Chinese to English translation rate depends on many factors including the volume and complexity of the text that we need to translate from Chinese to English. To get exact chinese to english translation quote of your document to be translated from Chinese into English or vice a versa please click HERE


Q: What is the best Chinese to English translation practice?
A: The best Chinese to English translation practice is to use native Chinese speakers translators.

Q: How to do Chinese to English translation of names?
A: The best is to transcribe the Chinese names in English.

Q: Do you do Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation of tattoos?
A: Absolutely! We do Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation of tattoos. Just send us English phrase you want to be in Chinese and we will translate it in a proper way and email it back to you.

Q: Do you do chinese to english immunization translation?
A: Yes! We do chinese to english immunization translation. It usually takes 1 or 2 days.

Q: Can you do chinese to english excel file translation?
A: If you order us chinese to english excel file translation considered it to be done in a shortest possible time.

Q: Can you do chinese to english translation website?
A: Chinese to english translation website considered to be a complex task and we do it in close contact with our clients.

Q: I have several Canadian documents that I must use in China. They are birth certificate, marriage certificate, articles of incorporation. Can you get them stamped by China embassy?
A: Yes, sure we can prepare the documents for you. This procedure is called document legalization for China. Some people call it China apostille. You need to bring or send us the documents and we will do China legalization. It usually takes 5 business days.

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