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Expedited certified translation of all document types.

We are experts in providing expedited certified translation of high quality in most popular languages, like French to English translation, Spanish to English translation, Arabic to English translation, Italian to English and English to Italian translation, Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation, Russian to English and English to Russian translation, as well as rare languages: we translate Afrikaans to English, Malay to English, Swahili to English and others.

As of recently in order to serve our clients better we have added the following new languages: Abkhaz, Afrikaans, Bosnian, Catalan, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lao, Malay, Pashto, Swahili, Urdu and Yiddish!

  • Catherine: Your translation is accurate, and the final documentation is finished professionally.
    Catherine F., Ottawa, ON
    Review of Chinese to English translation service
    I would like to say that my experience with the translation service is excellent. Your response to my initial inquiry was prompt and clear. Your translation is accurate, and the final documentation is finished professionally. Thank you very much and I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who needs formal language translation from Chinese to English.
  • Madhulika: Translate Canada was superior quick and efficient.
    Madhulika Santoshi, Kitchener, ON
    Review of Lithuanian to English translation service
    Translate Canada was superior quick and efficient. I needed the Police clearance certificate to be translated within a day. They helped me get it immediately although the usual process is 2-3 business days. Thank you for all your help.
  • Dmitri Strelkov: Translatecanada.com has made the tranlstion in one day
    Dmitri Strelkov, Toronto, ON
    Review of Russian to English translation service
    I needed to translate these files for my Canadian immigration ASAP. Translatecanada.com has made it in one day, though it was a Victoria Day week-end!
You may either visit our offices in Toronto, Markham, Ottawa or Vancouver, but currently due to COVID we do not encourage personal presence and prefer to do everything on-line and by mail/courier. In fact placing translation order on line and getting it back right to your door saves you lots of time and efforts! Just click on "GET FREE QUOTE NOW" button, upload your document and get the price quote from us in minutes.

Translations may be certified by a notary, commissioner or certified ATIO translator (certain languages only) and are accepted by Department of Immigration and Citizenship Canada, Department of Global Afairs (former DFAIT), Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, courts and other Canadian federal, provincial and municipal authorities. We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), debit cards, Interac email transfer as a form of payment. Once your translation is ready we send it for FREE to any address in Canada by regular Canada Post mailing! Alternatively you may ask us to arrange next business day delivery by Fedex. Coming from the fact that under COVID Canada Post works EXTREMELY slow and can not be considered as reliable service we recommend to use Fedex when you need timely and predictable delivery of your importnat documents translation.

Being the leader among translation agencies in Canada we translate different type of documents from the wide variety of languages for your everyday life:

Order process is EASY:

1. Scan your document or make a photo using your phone.
2. Click on the below button "Get Free Quote Now".
3. Fill out short form, attach the image of your document and submit.

Expedited certified translation services FAQ:

Q: I would like to know a detailed quote for a certified translation of my university diploma from Portuguese to English.
A: You may get your diploma translated into English by translation services at university if available. Better and faster translation services are available from translatecanada.com. Though you may also look for translation providers in different on-line resources. To provide you with the exact quote we need to see your diploma. It is easy to do: just upload scanned copy of the document here and we will provide you with the translation quote shortly.

Q: Do you need the original document to certify the translation?
A: We do not need to see the original to do certified translation of the document.

Q: In my passport I have a few border crossing stamps in Arabic. I need these passport stamps translation into English. Can you provide the translation of this passport stamps into English as this is required for my Canada immigration files?
A: Yes we can provide Arabic passport stamps translation into English.

Q: Do you provide an affidavit from the person who translated the document? I am wondering if the translation is accompanied by a sworn affidavit?
A: Yes, if required we provide translator sworn affidavit / statutory declaration.

Q: Could you send me the translation by email?
A: Yes, sure we can email the completed translation job to you. As a rule we are sending completed translations by Regular Canada Post mailing free of charge to all Canadian addresses.

Q: Would you be able to email me the scanned translations, besides mailing the paper versions?
A: Absolutely yes, just tell us to do so!

Q: Would you be able to offer a better price for multiple documents translation?
A: It all depends on the type of documents, their volume, language.

Q: Do you do only Toronto servicing or all other regions of Canada?
A: Our translator service covers all Canada. You may apply on-line or submit and pick up your documents for translation at any of our locations in Toronto, Markham, Ottawa or Vancouver.

Q: In order to get national passport for my son who has been born here in Canada I need to have his birth certificate translated into the language of my country - Russia. Can you do it?
A: Yes, we can make it translated into English or French. Along this we can help you with the Russian Embassy certification/legalization of the birth certificate as well.

Q: Do you provide interpreter service for conferences, etc.?
A: Yes, we do provide this service upon request.

Q: I need to provide a translation of my document into English to be presented to Global Affairs Canada. Will your translation be accepted by Global Affairs Canada?
A: Yes, the translation of the documents done by us is accepted by Global Affairs Canada.

Q: Can you help with the translation of the document that will be accepted in other country?
A: Yes, we do provide the translation part of the job. The rest - legalization (apostille) of the document is done by our partners at www.documentservices.ca. Do not hesitate to call them or just ask us at Translate Canada and we will be more than happy to do it all for you!

Q: Is it possible to pay for translation online with a credit card or PayPal?
A: Yes. Actually majority of our clients are using credit cards, PayPal, e-mail transfer or cash as a mean of payment for our translation services.

Q: I need to translate a document from Chinese into English fast. Can you do it?
A: Chinese to English translation Toronto service executed by experienced translators interpreters can provide fast translation from Chinese into English.

Q: Can you attest the copy of the original documents attached to the translation with 'true copy of original' stamp as I require this for Immigration Canada?
A: Yes we can do it if you provide us with the original of the document. You may do it by coming directly to one of our offices or by sending the original document to us by courier or mail service.

Q: What is the difference between notarized translation and certified translation?
A: Notarized translation is the translation that has translator's affidavit certified by notary or commissioner. Certified translation is the same but without notary's certification.

Q: I need to get my document translated by certified translator. Can you do it?
A: Yes, sure we can do it. The processing may take longer time though.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for your translation work?
A: Yes, we discount large volume translation orders.

Q: I need the document to be translated fast. Can you do it?
A: Yes, we are providing expedited translation service. In some cases we can do the translation of a document same day. Our usual translation turn around time for standard types of documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc is 3 days.

Q: Will my documents be treated in confidentiality?
A: Absolutely yes. We guarantee that all documents will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We never share your files or personal information with anyone not related to the translation of your documents. If you wish we can delete all your files upon the completion of the job. Just let us know.

Q: How can I check if my document translation is ready?
A: When translation job is completed we email you the copy to proof-read it and then we send the hard copy to you.

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