Translatecanada.com expedited certified Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services can serve clients in major Canadian cities, like Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Markham, Kingston, Montreal, Oakville, Ottawa, Quebec, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg etc. Our experienced translators provide outstanding translation with ATIO certification or without it. The variety of translation jobs that we do is wide and includes but not limited to birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, passport stamps, powers of attorney, diplomas, contracts, police clearance certificates, immigration documents, etc. The translated documents are sent to clients by Canada Post regular mail free of charge!

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Arabic to English Translation FAQ

Q: What is your translation rate?
A: Our Arabic to English translation rate depends on many factors including the volume and complexity of the text that we need to translate. To find out exact price of your document to be translated please click HERE.

Q: How do you do Arabic to English translation of the date?
A: Arabic to English translation of the date is done in regular date format as well as in Hijrah format too.

Q: How fast is your translation services?
A: We provide fast translation services - actual processing time totally depends on the volume and the complexity of the text we translate.

Q: Do you do Arabic to English translation of numbers?
A: Yes sure we do Arabic to English translation of numbers! Most commonly the task of translation of numbers is used while translating the entry-exit stamps in the passports for Immigration Canada.

Q: Where may I submit my document for translation?
A: You may submit your document for translation online or at any of Translatecanada.com offices in Toronto, Markham, Ottawa or Vancouver. You may also send us your document by email, courier or regular mail.

Q: What is the best way to translate from English to Arabic?
A: There is no one best way to translate from English to Arabic: if you need to do the translation of English words, short sentences and phrases you may use Google or some dictionaries, or translation software. Otherwise you need to use professional Arabic to English or Arabic to French translation services like Translatecanada.com.

Q: Could you translate into Arabic from languages other than English?
A: Yes, absolutely, we translate into Arabic from languages other than English! In addition to English we can translate into Arabic from French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.

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