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Expedited certified translation of all document types.

We are experts in providing expedited certified translation of high quality in most popular languages, like French to English translation, Spanish to English translation, Arabic to English translation, Italian to English and English to Italian translation, Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation, Russian to English and English to Russian translation, as well as rare languages: we translate Amharic to English, Mongolian to English, Georgian to English and others.

Orders can be processed 100% on-line without a need to visit our offices in Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver. Translations may be certified by a notary, commissioner or certified translator (including ATIO) and are accepted by Department of Immigration and Citizenship Canada, Department of Global Afairs (former DFAIT), Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, courts and other Canadian federal, provincial and municipal authorities. We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), debit cards, email and wire transfers as well as PayPal as a form of payment. Once your translation is ready we send it for FREE to you to any address in Canada by regular Canada Post mailing! Alternatively you may ask us to arrange next business day delivery by Fedex.

Being the leader among translation agencies in Canada we translate different type of documents from the wide variety of languages for your everyday life:

Order process is EASY:

1. Scan your document or make a photo using your phone.
2. Click on the below button "Get Free Quote Now".
3. Fill out short form, attach the image of your document and submit.

Expedited certified translation services FAQ:

Q: I would like to know a detailed quote for a certified translation of my university diploma from Portuguese to English.
A: To provide you with the exact quote we need to see your diploma. It is easy to do it: just upload scanned copy of the document here: http://www.translatecanada.com/get-a-free-quote.html and we will provide you with the translation quote shortly.

Q: Do you need the original document to certify the translation?
A: We do not need to see the original to do certified translation of the document.

Q: Do you provide an affidavit from the person who translated the document? I am wondering if the translation is accompanied by a sworn affidavit?
A: Yes, if required we provide translator sworn affidavit / statutory declaration.

Q: Could you sent the translation by email?
A: Yes, sure. We are sending completed translations by Regular Canada Post mailing free of charge to all Canadian addresses.

Q: Would you be able to email me the scanned translations, besides mailing the paper versions?
A: Absolutely yes, just tell us to do so!

Q: Would you be able to offer a better price for multiple documents translation?
A: It all depends on the type of documents, their volume, language.

Q: Do you do only Toronto servicing or all other regions of Canada?
A: Our translator Toronto service serves all Canada.

Q: In order to get national passport for my son who has been born here in Canada I need to have his birth certificate translated into the language of my country - Russia. Can you do it?
A: Yes, we can make it translated into English or French. Along this we can help you with the Russian Embassy certification/legalization of the birth certificate as well.

Q: Do you provide interpreter service for conferences, etc.?
A: Yes, we do provide this service upon request.

Q: Is it possible to pay for translation online with a credit card or PayPal?
A: Yes. Actually majority of our clients are using credit cards, PayPal or e-mail transfer as mean of payment for our translation services.

Q: I need to translate a document from Chinese fast. Can you do it?

Chinese to English translation Toronto

service executed by experienced translators interpreters can provide fast translation from Chinese into English.

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